American Odds

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Sports betting consists of most online sports betting lists their chances as “American odds”. American rates are used the most. Reading and understanding sports betting odds to bet for beginners can be a bit confusing, so an example has been provided, using two NFL football teams:

New England Patriots (120)

vs Pittsburgh Steelers (-140)

The number shown in brackets represents the odds. American Odds consist of two components in order, the first is the positive or negative sign, and the second is that follows the character number.

The sign preceding the number indicates whether placing a bet on this outcome will pay more money then you have set or have then put less money. If the odd negative (-) means that result is rather, and placing a bet on this outcome would payoff less than the amount you set, while a positive (+) odd shows that the result is less likely to happen and it will pay more than the amount you wagered.

A list odd with a – sign in front of it, as the -140 in the example above shows us how much money you would need to win $ 100 bet. So with the -140, this would show that you need to bet $ 140 to win $ 100 profit. You can easily replace the $ 100 bet for a bet of $ 10 by the decimal place more than one place, showing that you need in order to $ 14, $ 10 prize winning bet.

List odds with + signs in front of them, like the 120 in our example above show us how much money you win on a $ 100 bet. With the 120 chances, it shows us that a $ 100 bet on this outcome would pay $ 120 profit. This can also be easily implemented in smaller or larger bets. A $ 10 bet on odds 120 would pay $ 12 profit. This is a peek into the world of sports betting.