Betting strategies

Here are our betting strategies for our members:

Goal before minute.

This is a very popular betting strategy. We bet on live. Such markets offers Bet365. All you need to do is to pick a few games where you expect to have a lot of goals. Perfect championships are Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Scotland, Germany and others. When you select matches, wait to start and after about 20 minutes of the match, if the result is still 0:0, bet on “any goal before 40th or 50-th minute. Depending on the match odds vary between 1.60 and 2.00. If you bet on goal before 40th minute, the odd will be around 2.00. If there is no goal before a 40th minute, bet again before 60th or 70th minute as you trying to catch about 2.00 odd. You can use flat betting or martingale systems, because the odds are about 2.00. With success rate over 55% the profit is guaranteed.

  • First Half win for the favorite
    This is a betting strategy where you need to choose games with a big favorite. For example Real Madrid – Granada. Very often in the games, the big teams have a problem with scoring a goal. Statistics least that goals fall after 20 minutes. For this reason you wait until about 20th minute, when the odd for Real Madrid win for the first half will be over 1.80. When this happens you bet. If the odd is lower before the 30th minute, do not bet, just miss that match! The important thing here is to pick up the right games, where you expect from the favorite to win with many goals. With the right betting management, good discipline and precise selection of matches profit is guaranteed.
  • Lay correct score.
    This is a very safe strategy but you need a large starting bankroll and acount in Betfair because only there you can find an opportunity for lay betting. All you need to do is select match, choose the correct score, that you think will not happen and lay it. For example, you think that Roma – Juventus will not finish 1:3. The lay odd is 25. This means that if you want to win € 10 (Baker`stacke 10) Your liability
    will be 10×25-10=240 euros. If the match ends 1:3 you lose, any other result is a win. Profits are smaller, but the risk is maximum minimized. Our advice is to play no more than two matches per day, by choosing very carefully which games you bet. Do not lay odd bigger than 25.