Check out our betting advices

  • Never bet your whole bankroll! This is an emotional decision peculiar to the gamblers.
  • Never bet more than you can afford to lose. There is no 100% sure bet !
  • Never bet on your favorite team only because you love it and against teams which you don’t like. The players don’t care about your bet!
  • Choose the right betting strategy for yourself, test it and use it to make even a little profit, but sure in a long term!
  • Don’t bet on outsiders waiting for miracles. Betting with small stakes for big profit is always losing strategy.
  • Avoid games where the end result is irrelevant to the players!
  • Avoid to bet on teams which are 5 or more wins in a row. Sooner or later they will fail.
  • Do not bet on teams which are 5 or more loses in a row. Sooner or later they will improve their form.
  • Try to avoid derby matches. Surprises happen very often there.
  • Odds are often misleading.
  • Do not panic when you are in a losing period. As everything in this world it is temporarily.
  • Learn to lose. It’s part of the game. The idea is to win more than you lose. Then comes the profit.
  • Do not bet on more than 4 matches in a combo.
  • Do not bet on singles with lower odd than 1.70. It’s in not valuable.
  • Live odds are the greatest odds. You have a view of the game and you can wait till the odds get higher.
  • Bet in two or more proven bookmakers. You can choose the highest odds.
  • Discipline is the key to success. Don’t bet on everything, trying to regain the losses from the day.
  • Choose two or three sports max and be always informed about the news. No one is good at everything.
  • All favorites never win in the same day. Do not bet them all.

Follow our betting advices and start making money today!