Gary Cahill: I do not need to prove myself to anyone.

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Chelsea`s captain Gary Cahill said he hoped to finish the season properly. The defender wants to win the trophy at the FA Cup and also get a call for the national team for the World Cup in Russia.

“Football can be like a roller coaster, not always everything goes perfectly and smoothly, but when I look at my career from the moment I started playing high, every season I have over 30 matches.

Only twice have played less – this season and when we finished tenth. I like to play regularly, I do not want to sit on the bench and I would be worried if I hear someone say otherwise.

I understand that the manager has to make decisions, and I’m not younger, but I’m healthy and I have nothing to prove. There comes the end of the season, then the World Cup. Let’s see what happens, “Cahill said.

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